MNM Multi Projects is a growing firm of AArchitectts, Consulting Engineers and Project Managers specializing in consultancy work in both the design of Civil and Structural work and associated Project and Progamme Management services.

The company is very efficient as it possesses all necessary resources and the expertise required rendering the quality of service that will guarantee the
successful fulfillment of intended initiatives of the Clients. It is also driven by the interests and the needs of the South African people and strives for
effectiveness and competitiveness.

We aim to employ the professional skills of our staff in providing efficient services to our Clients for the benefit of various stakeholders and community at large. We aim to serve the interests of our Clients as effectively as possible. We turn both the Public and Private sectors, visions into realities.


Maintaining the highest standards of quality


Fulfilling the needs of our Clients


Fulfilling the needs of our Clients


Providing a service to our Clients which meets their expectations


Providing every opportunity to our staff to develop their full capability through education and training


Preparing our activities to respond to the demands of present South African environment

We have complete CAD Workstations
Design packages such as Modelmaker, Roadmaker, Watermaker and Pipemate.
Modeling packages such as Wadiso and Swesan.
Microsoft office: Word, excel, powerpoint, MS Project etc.